Anyone who has been stop by the police for drunk driving in Michigan will require a talented criminal defense attorney in order to avoid criminal conviction. If you are facing any alcohol related driving charge, you could lose your license, face significant fines, and even end up going to jail (or prison).

The Law Offices of Steven A Heisler, Esq. P.L.L.C. attorneys will effectively protect your rights and will take the needed steps ensure you are not wrongfully convicted.   We are not just going to try to get a deal for you, our first goal is to have your charges dismissed, and our experience in past cases allows us to understand the legal issues affecting drunk driving cases.  When there seems to be no hope, we still work towards a reduced charge.   The prosecutors know we take cases to trial.

The Law Offices of Steven A Heisler, Esq PLLC fights unlawful arrest and throughout the state of Michigan, and will expose any police or prosecution mistakes that could help you earn a case dismissal.

The Law Offices of Steven A Heisler, Esq PLLC  understand that the stakes are high in drunk driving charges, with your right to drive on the line. We understand the technology used in breath, blood, and urine testing, and will fight improper testing procedures or flawed test results.  The Law Offices of Steven A Heisler, Esq PLLC fights in every stage of a case. if you are under investigation for drunk driving, or have just been arrested,  we can help.

Attorney Steven A Heisler has been named one of the top ten criminal defense attorneys in the entire state of Michigan by the National Academy Of Criminal Defense Attorneys and is recognized as a respected attorney in the legal community.

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