Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates (Updated: 6/7/2020):

          We only plan to post updates here as to our office and updates we believe would affect current clients.

At this time, The Heisler Law Group has made the following changes to its operations due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • The Office is closed to the public, except for scheduled in-office appointments that are allowed under Michigan Executive Orders, and the same will be limited as is required.   Appointments in the office REQUIRE an attorney to review the request to see if it complies with an exception to the many Michigan Executive Orders.   Persons just showing up with no appointment will not be granted access.   
  • We are now offering zoom video appointments and by phone when in-person appointments are not offered.  We will have limited staff in the office to allow others to work remotely as provided by the many Michigan Executive Orders.
  • Staff continues to reach out to our local courts to see if changes will be affecting client cases and will advise clients as we become aware.

Because of the limits placed on our firm under the many Michigan Executive Orders, our goal to return calls has changed from the end of the next business day to the end of the second business day (one extra business day).   This will be while we are not booking regular appointments in our offices.  We are sorry for this delay.  

          We have been advised courthouses and other government buildings are having limited access at this time.  This means that some court appearances are being changed.    We are advising clients on a case by case basis.   We plan to update this page as we get updates.   We are recommending that you check this page the day before any court appearances for updates also.

         Under Michigan EO 2020-21(7)(b)(4), parents are to continue to do child exchanges and follow all court orders.   We are suggesting clients have their current orders with them.  

          Because courts and other government agencies are reviewing their options, there may be very little notice if something changes, i.e. dates or how a case will proceed.  For this reason, we are recommending that clients ensure we have a telephone number where clients can be reached, and to further ensure voice mails are set up and are not allowed to fill to the point messages can’t be left.   Some cellular providers are offering expanded voicemail packages for more messages.   Clients may want to investigate this option with their provider.

Based on the current trend, it is our hope to start offering regular in-office appointments sometime the first full week of July.   We will NOT be booking these slots as in-office until allowed by the many Michigan Executive Orders and one week before the start of offering in-office appointments.   You will see changes once we re-open to the public, including additional safety measures to protect guests and staff.