Fredrick Freeman Case: 1986 SC4 Murder Case

I am happy to report that the Honorable Federal Judge Denise Page Hood issued an opinion yesterday, October14, 2010, granting my client, Temujin Kensu, formally known as Frederick Freeman, a conditional habeas corpus of the November 5, 1986, murder at Saint Clair County Community College.

Mr. Kensu has always maintained his innocence and has several supporters, including but not limited to: Bill Proctor, Barry Scheck, Esq., Law Professor Ron Bretz, Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Brennan, and too many more to even start to name.

As a citizen of the county where this conviction came from and as a member of the bar, it saddens me that Judge Page Hood referred to law enforcement’s intimidation of a defense witness and the prosecutor’s misconduct.   These people are sworn to uphold the law, and it appears that they have violated the laws themselves.  People need to understand that the police and prosecutors are just people and do not always do the honorable thing.   Their word is not gospel.

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and represent Mr. Kensu.  While the fight is not yet over, yesterday’s opinion is movement in our legal system in the correct direction toward justice

The Judge also made reference to the problems with our court appointed system and who the county allows to represent our poorest people.  In St. Clair County I have seen the local courts allow attorneys with less than two months experience to be placed on our court-appointed list and allow them to represent people looking at up to fifteen years in prison, while at the same time not approve attorneys with more than twenty years of legal experience to be placed on the court appointed attorney list.  In the Temujin case, his attorney had a drug problem and was allowed to proceed at trial.  The question is raised, “What kind of attorney does the county want you to have ? ”  This is not to say that there are not dedicated and competent attorneys on the court appointed attorney list.  It just it raises a question of who is allowed and what is the standard for this Court Appointed List. There needs to be a change to this system too.

Mr. Kensu expresses to me today that when his case is over, he hopes law enforcement reopens the 1986 murder case to find and bring to justice the real killer so the victim’s family can know the real killer has been brought to justice.

Below is a link of interest regarding this case:

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